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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Potato-Tomato Bake with Sausage

This one's a keeper. It's made like Au Gratin Potatoes except with a chunky tomato sauce instead of creamy cheese sauce. You can add cheese if you like, remove the sausage and you have a hearty vegan dish. Serve as a side or as a meal with a salad. Me? I served it with fresh baked bread and vegetable pasta for Sunday dinner. :)

Grease a good sized baking dish and preheat oven to 375. 
Take 2-3 potatoes and slice them into thin rounds with a mandoline or knife. Place the slices in a bowl of water so they don't brown. Also, slice up a small onion.
Place a layer of spaghetti sauce or seasoned diced tomatoes in the bottom of the dish. This would work very well. Add a layer of potato slices, a layer of onion, and a layer of Italian sausage (raw or cooked, mine was raw and it added a nice flavor). Add another layer of potatoes, then another layer of sauce. Top with Italian breadcrumbs and bake for 1 hour covered, 30-45 minutes uncovered.