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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top 5 Things Broke People Do With Hot Dogs

Ah, memories. If you've ever received a Christmas present wrapped in the Sunday comics or spent happy childhood summers with a garden hose and a freezer full of these...

...You know that money doesn't equal happiness. You loved playing the store's trial video games while mom was looking at clothes. You could have fun for hours with a partially deflated balloon. And, like many families of little means, you spent nearly every Saturday night gathered around this...
...Watching this.

Watching COPS on Saturday night was a cherished family tradition for me and many of my neighborhood chums. Even at casual sleepovers, you could count on your friends' parents to turn on Fox at 8:00 and treat you to a big cup of Kool-Aid and a tasty meal. It always fascinated me just how many things my mom and my friends' moms could do with a pack of these...

Here are a few of my all-time favorites.

5. Hot Dogs with Spaghetti-O's (or if you were really poor, Spaghetti Rings)

My mom often put a thermos full of these in my Beauty and the Beast lunchbox. 

4. Pigs in a Blanket (with the 25 cent biscuit dough)

A filling and satisfying comfort food, these were saved for special occasions.

3. Good Ol' Hot Dog on Wonderbread

A staple for lazy days at my house even still!

2. Blue Box Mac n' Cheese with Hot Dogs
A truly magical flavor combination. Sometimes the chef would add in some peas. That's good eatin'.  

1. Roasting a hot dog over the gas stove
WE'RE CAMPING!!! Woohoo! It's a magical adventure when you have hot dogs, a gas stove, and some sticks. It's a different kind of "roughing it".