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Monday, May 6, 2013

Top 10 Best Recipes of 2012

I occasionally look back over my old posts. Last year was a great year, but it had its problems; bad photography (still working on that), cliche overly simple recipes, confusing overly complicated recipes, etc. However, there are a few real diamonds in the rough. Let's reminisce together, shall we?

#10 Easy Burgers and Fries

Aww, baby's first post! Despite its generic simplicity, I like this one for many reasons. The step by step photo tutorial is adorable and the potato method is one I'm proud of. If there's one thing I hate, it's flipping over 30 or 40 burning hot little french fries halfway through cooking. Resting on the skins = even cooking, NO flipping!

#9 Potato Skins with Ham

Transform ordinary ham lunchmeat into bacon! ...Kinda! Crisp fried ham with liquid smoke is no substitute for real bacon but it's pretty good. I love the photograph, and these always take me back to football Sundays.

#8 Eggless Cranberry Coffee Cake

The picture doesn't do this dish justice. However, the flavor and texture were to die for. I designed this as a way to use up leftover cranberry sauce; I always have a TON at Thanksgiving. I shared this with friends and they raved about it, I think someone even pinned this on Pinterest.

#7 Caramel Lover's Cupcakes

These were fun to make. It was my first paid baking job, long before I started advertising. Who doesn't love a gooey caramel cupcake with white chocolate frosting?

#6 Turkey Stuffed Soft Pretzel Rolls

A true diamond in the rough, these came out practically perfect in every way during a time when so many of my breads didn't work. I have an open pack of hot dogs in the fridge right now...I might just have to make some pretzel dogs. This picture is making me want some. It's a good picture.

#5 Pantry Cleaning BBQ Chicken Pizza

Ah yes, the "Pantry Cleaning" series. It was fun but not as fun as Use It or Lose It. I like this recipe because it gives a better and more simple description of how to make pizza crust than Soft Crust Pizza. BBQ Chicken pizza is one of my all time favorites.

#4 Imitation Crab Cakes

I love these! Not only are they delicious, decadent, fancy, easy, and dirt cheap, !!! They bring me a lot of traffic from Google search. Imitation Crab Cakes is the second most common search term that brings people to my blog. Which brings us to...

#3 Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Brats

These babies have had more hits than anything else on the blog. Bacon Wrapped Cheddar Brats  is the most common search term that gets people here! I just wish I had taken a better picture!

#2 Craving Brownies

Oh baby. I have made these several times since posting. They're just the best brownies in the universe, you guys.

#1 Italian Bread

Step by step instructions that anyone can follow. Heck, there's even a 7 minute video of me kneading dough. I make this once or twice a week, of course now I don't need to look at a recipe.